My World of Bits, Bytes, & Pixels

I guess it is no secret, I am not letting anything out of the bag here, but I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. A lot of time conversing, learning, laughing,  living in my digital world of bits, bytes, & pixels. All too often I am asked why I would spend so much time “online”. Well let me say that I do not spend my day playing angry birds, or Farmville, or tweeting what I am doing every second of the day or night. I am working, and living and working within the social media world is no different from any other job. Granted I love what I am doing, but it does have its “grind” factors like anything else.

I spend a lot of time looking for and finding new apps or platforms that any of my clients might benefit from. Any that look promising require more time and digging to understand how they might best be utilized in its application. Imagine if you went to your doctor and was told, I am recommending this procedure, I am not all that familiar with it, but trust me, it’ll be fine. Same thing here, if I am going to recommend, I better know the in’s and out’s of how it works. Writing for clients is also something that is time-consuming, doing research and learning more about the subject matter so as to be able to produce a quality piece that has the desired effect. Not to mention the dreaded “writers block” that inevitably rears its ugly head from time to time, and stops you dead in your writing tracks.  Let’s just call them challenges of the job.

I have to say  however, that my favorite part of what I do is the networking, the connecting, the learning, sharing of ideas, it’s awesome. With the internet there are no boundaries as to subject matter, geography, or time for that matter. Between the connections I have made from ActiveRain, Twitter, G+ as well as a host of other’s it is amazing how much data, friendship, business experience and all around knowledge has been shared. All in a bit, byte, & pixel format. Truly no borders….and a very unique way to make a living. Not for everybody, but definitely for me.

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About Gettysburg Gerry

Gettysburg Gerry is just like you, an astronaut in the social media universe. I am principal in the firm Studmuffin Media, a social media content management company. Visit or for more information. Follow us on Twitter, FB, & G
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