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My World of Bits, Bytes, & Pixels

I guess it is no secret, I am not letting anything out of the bag here, but I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. A lot of time conversing, learning, laughing, ¬†living in my digital … Continue reading

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Who Inspires You????

A friend of mine is a Triatlete, you know what that is right? Running, swimming, and biking, all on the extreme level. I met Skibba on Twitter @TriMeOn and we have become fast friends, now I know those of you … Continue reading

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Beware Calling Yourself an EXPERT

All too often I read people’s descriptions of themselves on any of a number of site about me columns,  and I see them calling themselves “an expert” in their particular field. It always brings a smile to my face, because I … Continue reading

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How High are Your Expectations

¬†How high do you put your expectations? This time of year people are often talking about goals, whats ahead in the new year, and with that comes our expectations for the year ahead. So many times I see people in … Continue reading

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Flying Dog Oyster Stout

Image via Wikipedia   This week we head south to Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD. I have been meaning to get down to this brewery for some time. Pleasantly surprised by the variety of brews available for tasting, I … Continue reading

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Without Further Ado…The Chrome Dome Awards-Best 10 Apps of 2011

The Chrome Domes are compiled by our judges Gettysburg Gerry and Studmuffin Media. You see Chrome is the Studmuffin, while Gettysburg Gerry is the Dome. The Chrome Domes are awarded by ease of use, applicability, and general overall coolness. There … Continue reading

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