How to Drive in Gettysburg, Pa

Here we are again heading into another “tourist” season in the Gettysburg, Pa area. Oh it is


Quiet, Quaint streets.

not your usual tourist season this year. Here in Gettysburg we are used to the summer months being busy, in fact we know what it is like to be really inundated with guests, we enjoyed huge crowds in the years following the Ted Turner “Gettysburg” and “Gods & Generals” productions. I think some people sent their kids to college on the income revenue from those years. Unfortunately, those numbers have dropped dramatically in recent years, couple that with a crippling economy and the Gettysburg, Adams county area has seen tourist numbers fall off. We still get huge crowds, but not like in those Turner years…

This year, this year however is going to be different, this year we are expecting “the

Gettysburg, Pa

The Square in Gettysbug

mother of all tourist years”. This year with the advent of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, we are expecting roughly 30,000 people per day for a 10 day period centering on the July battle reenactment. . What does that mean, that means that this little burg of roughly 7,000 people is going to be greatly impacted. Nerves will be tested, and fingers will no doubt raised, but if we all take a breath and try and be patient, I think we can all coexist nicely. One of the biggest challenges during the summer months, for tourists and locals alike is navigating the roadways of Gettysburg proper. Remember these roads were laid out for horses, not semi’s and tens of thousands of motorists. So I thought I might share some helpful information for those confused by the peculiarities of that is driving in the Gettysburg Borough area.

Some tips to help you through.:

> Stop for people in the crosswalk, it is something we do here in Gettysburg. If you see someone getting ready to head into a crosswalk, stop for them and let them pass. The opposite holds true for walkers, DO NOT stand at end of the curb in a crosswalk and not cross the road. Be mindful of where you are and what the traffic is doing around, too many times traffic has backed up because someone is not paying attention, and standing at the curb while traffic in both directions stops to let them cross and they don’t cross.

> When making a left turn from an intersection you will notice that the car on your right

Gettysburg Driving

Getting around town

that is going straight is stopping a full car length ahead of you. There is a reason for that positioning, stay back where the signs tell you to stop. The reason is that semi trucks will be traveling through those streets, and if a truck needs to turn and he can’t because you are out there in the way, you and all the cars behind you will have to back up, the semi wins every time in these situations, so be aware and follow the signs directions. they are not mere suggestions.

> If you are sight seeing and want to slow way down to get a pic or a better look, pull over. Be mindful of the traffic behind you, while you are on vacation and we want you to take the time to enjoy all that our historical and beautiful area has to offer, be mindful that we (the locals) are not on vacation. We still have meetings, appointments, children to pick up etc. It’s business as usual for us, please be understanding if you have been driving 15 in a 30 zone mile an hour zone and the car behind you “salutes” as they hastily drive around you.

> This one is big, huge in fact so pay attention. when entering into the traffic circle, the rule is the car in the circle has the right of way. However, when a space opens…take it. Don’t sit there for minutes on end waiting for someone to invite you into the circle. This will snarl up traffic for miles back if you don’t make your safely take your turn into the traffic flow. Special note*** the traffic circle is ONE lane, not two. Some who experience with traffic circles know that some circles can accommodate two lanes, this one in Gettysburg can not.

> It is strongly suggested that you stay off the alleys, the alleys in town are utilized by locals in the summer months. They are a maze of tiny back roads know only to locals, who use them to stay off the main roads during the high traffic summer months. It may seem like a good idea when here, but truly, you will find yourself in a driving situation you don’t want to be. You folks stick to the main roads, and let us locals navigate freely and out your way on the alleys.

Follow these rules and I think we can all make it through this summer season together. If you have an opportunity to utilize bikes, walking, anything that can get you around and keep you off the roadways, use it. You will have a more relaxing vacation, and we will get to our meetings.

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The Gettysburg Hotels One Lincoln is the New Gettysburg Address for Fine Dining

This past weekend my wife and I decided to try a new establishment for our diningSDC12610 experience. We have been waiting to try One Lincoln located in the Gettysburg Hotel, right on the square in Gettysburg Pa. Those that have been to Gettysburg will know the previous restaurant as either Centuries on the Square, or McClellans Tavern. The Hotel recently came under management a few months back, and not long after Waterford took control a complete remodel was started Completed and now open to the public, the outcome is a smart, chic looking tavern, with a wonderful new dining area. They did it up right blending the old with a fresh new look. It is not an easy task blending a “hip” feeling while not loosing the historical feel of a Gettysburg establishment. The folks at One Lincoln hit the nail on the head.

While the atmosphere is awesome, the new menu needed to be explored. We were anticipating this dining event since the grand opening a few weeks back, we had seen the menu and the new items looked very interesting. So off we went with our usual dining adventure spirit. Anxiously awaiting what Chef Joseph Holmes had in store.

Our Choices:


Mixed Green Garden Salad

Tuna with mixed green Salad

NY Strip = 12oz cut of tender beef with sweet potatoes and sherried mushrooms

Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon = creamed leeks, braised spinach, and fingerling potatoes

Crème Brulee

Wine choice was a nice Pinot Noir from Napa Valley California

Right off the bat we knew that we were dining in an establishment that took customer service seriously. The hostess  (Britany) was great, out server (Sarah) was immediately attentive and kept her eye on our progress through out the meal. One thing I did notice, any and all employees had a “well oiled machine” kind of pace going. Whenever an employee passed by the table, whether it be a server, a bus person, or even the bar staff, if they noticed an empty plate on the table, they took it away. You could just feel that these employees understood the “teamwork” concept. It really added to the pleasantness of the dining experience.

The wine list is outstanding, a wonderful selection of reds, and whites in a variety of price ranges.

The salads were awesome, the simple garden salad was huge, and satisfied this salad lovers20130412_203811 craving for greens. The tuna salad was done to perfection. The tuna was grilled perfectly with the center remaining a dark red, and the accompanying mixed greens were delicious.

The Pan Seared Salmon was to die for, again perfectly cooked to just the right temperature. the leeks, spinach and potatoes just the right additions.

The NY strip, well, in a word, mouthwatering. Super tender, done exactly as I requested and ohh soo delicious. Dining is a passion with me, I have lived in Manhattan and San Francisco and know my way around a menu. This steak was as good as I have ever had. The sherried mushrooms were awesome, as well as the sweet potatoes. They were done in a mashed style, and I believe I tasted a bit of turnip in the mixture.

All this was capped off with a wonderfully done crème brulee that had just right amount of crust on top, while still be creamy and custardy inside.

The Verdict

One Lincoln is taking the dining experience in Gettysburg to a whole new level. There areSDC12609 few truly fine dining establishments in the Gettysburg area, but the area foodies know where they are, and they should definitely put One Lincoln on their bucket list. I am sure that like myself, they will be completely satisfied. From top to bottom, One Lincoln offers diners a complete and thoroughly enjoyable dining experience…

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Look Who’s Quickly Becoming a Gettysburg Hotspot

A Gettysburg Gathering Place

So another night in Gettysburg, well Adams County for that matter. This night finds me at2012-09-30 01.46.42 Hauser Estate Winery, which is quickly becoming a hot spot for folks to meet, eat and listen to great music. Hauser has been on a path to success since they opened in 2008, improving not only their wines, but adding quality entertainment, new locations, awesome events, including wine dinners, and many support events for local causes. In short Hauser Estate Winery has become a valued community member, in addition to being a quality addition to the local business community.

The collection of wonderful wines include a wide variety of whites and reds from Merlot to Chambourcin, however the addition of a tasty collection of hard ciders has put the icing on the cake, or the froth on the glass so to speak. Beside their wonderful array of products, and entertainment options, they hold something that no one in the area can match. That commodity is the incredible view from their tasting room. While Hauser Estate Winery boasts three locations, including Dillsburg, downtown Gettysburg, (right on the square). Arguably the best view in the entire Adams County area can be had from their deck or patio, one can see clear to Maryland.

When visiting the Gettysburg, Adams County area a trip to the tasting room to drink some quality wine, and drink in a unforgettable view of the surrounding countryside, you need to get “up the hill” to Hauser Estate Winery.

Catering is provided on a rotating basis by local culinary greats such as The New A-Ville Inn,  and Fabio Carella,

Some Fine Live Music

Some of the best local music in the area stops by Hauser Estate Winery:

Suzi Brown00b1b3c2bc0111e19dc71231380fe523_7

Rhyne McCormick

Greg Pfeiffer

Al Parsons Band

The Soup Band

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Gettysburg Stories – The Romantic & Sad Story of Jennie Wade & Wesley Culp

Many of the stories that surround Gettysburg revolve around the battle of that took place here in the summer of 1863. However, there are numerous stories that actually had nothing to do with the fighting, but did in fact force an outcome. The story of Jennie Wade and Wesley Culp and Jack Skelly is one of those fascinating stories that will capture your heart.

The story starts with Christopher Kolb (Culp) purchasing the ground known today as

“Culps Hill” just along the boundries of Gettysburg Pa. That land would be passed down within the family for generations as was the custom of the day. Wesley Culp was actually the nephew of the uncle that owned that land in late 1850’s. During that growing up period Wesley would come to know and befriend a young Gettysburg lad by the name of Jack Skelly, Skelly would play a big part in Wesley’s life in just a few years.

Wesley was working through an apprenticeship for a harness maker. In 1858 Wesley moved to Shepherdstown, Virginia (now West Virginia) following the owners decision to move the harness company there. Throughout his time in Virginia he never lost contact with his family back in Gettysburg. He loved Virgina, and as a loyal Virginia citizen Wesley joined the ranks of the famed “Stonewall brigade”, fighting under Stonewall Jackson in the 2nd Virginia infantry.

It was after the capture of the Union garrison at Winchester that Wesley’s life would change in a way that would put him in the history books following the famous battle of Gettysburg. Lying in a hospital bed, dying from his wounds was Wesley’s boyhood friend from Gettysburg, Jack Skelly. Skelly requested of Wesley that he deliver a note to his fiance back in Gettysburg. Skelly’s fiance was a young lady that Wesley also knew from Gettysburg, none other than Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty in the three-day battle that took place in early July of 1863. Wesley took the note from his dying friend and vowed to see the task through.

Jump to July,1863, the first day of fighting in the battle of Gettysburg. As part of Richard

Photograph printed on min-postcard.

Photograph printed on min-postcard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

S. Ewell‘s 2nd Virginia Infantry, (Ewell was given command after the death of Jackson from his injuries at Chancellorsville) young Wesley would find himself fighting for the very ground that he spent so many hours hiking, and hunting on. As the fighting died down after the first day, Wesley snuck his way to his uncle’s home and was looking for Jennie to deliver his friends note to her. Jennie was staying with her sister on the other side of town and was not there to receive the note. Her sisters house would be the place that Jennie would be struck by a sniper’s bullet, ending her young life. She would be the only civilian to be killed during the battle.

Wesley would unfortunately face a similar fate the next day, during an attack to break

Jennie Wade Burial Site, Gettysburg, Pa

Union lines Wesley would be shot and killed on the very ground that his uncle owned, and Wesley knew so well. So before the battle was over, both Wesley and Jennie would be dead, with the note from Skelly being undelivered. Jennie is buried in Evergreen Cemetery ironically, her beau Jack is buried in the same Cemetery, not too far away. As for Wesley, it is rumored that his family went out and found his body, burying it  somewhere on the family farm in an unmarked grave to avoid the site becoming a target to those in the area that considered him a traitor.

This is just one of the interesting stories that surround the battle of Gettysburg. Stay tuned for more interesting and amazing true stories.

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